Thursday, June 14, 2012

My IKEA insanity!

   So, let me just put this out there-I LOVE IKEA!  But, I have to say, our friendship is going to be on standby for a bit!  Why?  Well, it all started with a beautiful scraproom plan.  As seen on Pinterest (just search Expedit), the Expedit storage system has become the go-to, cheap, eye-pleasing storage solution!  They even have  an awesome desk addition!  So, as I began planning for my scraproom, I decided that my desk would be made from Expedit.  Here is what the scraproom looks like. 
Sorry, apparently I didn't take a picture before the following story ensued!
I already had some of those cubes from Target/Michael's for storage, so just a functional desk would be perfect.  I figured if I matched it up with the shorter expedit, it could sit in the middle of the room, I could have friends over and all would be glorious.  So, on my first trip, I came home with half...the four shelf expedit, the desk, unfortunately was out of stock.  A few days later, we made the 40 minute trek back up to IKEA. 

Once we had the desk, I went to hour or so later, I began cursing like a sailor.  Without any warnings on the packaging, words from the sales clerks, etc, I had purchased two items that did not fit together!  Exciting! 
Although, it did look really pretty!!!

So, back to IKEA yesterday for the taller shelf (8 holes) that would destroy my idea of a center island, but would fit with my already assembled desk.  So today, as I began to open the box, I discovered that one of the items in the box was warped, and discolored! 

The box wasn't wet, nor were the liner papers in between...ugh!!!!!!!! Another red flag!  I called IKEA...after a half hour on hold, they tell me I need to bring the piece back to the store!  She was very nice and suggested I ask for compensation since this will be my fourth trip up there!  Oy-oy-oy!

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  1. Were you able to get any compensation from Ikea?