Monday, June 18, 2012

IKEA update/scraproom progress

     So, on Wednesday we made our fourth trek back to IKEA.  The guys who worked with me were very nice, got me the part I needed replaced, apologized, and made a phone call to see what kind of compensation they could offer.  Truthfully, I was happy that it was recognized as a major inconvenience.  Sometimes, you get those places who think there's no need to even apologize.  The secret person on the other end...maybe he had to call Sweden, lol...they gave me $20 back to my credit card.  To me, I was happy.  Since the grand total for the three items was about 150 or so, it seemed reasonable.  I will definitely go back for more furniture, we are just on a bit of a separation period, lol.  Hubby, who wants the LARGE Expedit for his office told me that, since I'm now an "Expedit expert" I'd be putting his together.....NOT!  lol.
   So now, my scrapbook room is comfortable, not all disheveled!  Yay, I feel better.  Still VERY unorganized....but better.  I'm in the process of purging some items that I just don't use.  I will be giving them to some of my scrappy friends :)  here are some updated photos!


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