Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Fail....

   So, most people who know me find out at some point that there are just some things I don't know how to do that most people of these things is sewing!  This has normally posed no issue for me, a secretary at my old work used to hem my work pants (5'4" with a bit of junk in the trunk=no petite pants, lol), and all was well.  I also never really needed anything else sewn....correction: I did, but usually didn't sew it.  How many of my old colleagues noticed my pants never had buttons?  lol.  In all honesty, it was like three pair, but i loved them and, therefore wore them alot, sans button, lol.  I know, total fail, but I hope no one noticed.  I did admit it to a crew of crafty ladies one day...they promised a button sewing lesson, but I think I moved too soon, lol!
   Anyways, I'm rambling about my ridiculous-ness.....In my old house, we had pretty tall ceilings and average windows.  In the new house...Dun, dun, dun.....most of the ceilings are 8 foot.  While the windows are still average curtains do not fit.  Many are too long!  No worries there, I just got out my hem tape and hemmed those babies up, like the IKEA ones below ($9.99 is a steal!)

     So la-tee-da!  Unfortunaly, some of the curtains I have are too like 6 inches!  So, after a conversation with a friend, I interpreted (the ditz that I am) that she suggested I take the hem just lower it.  So I did.....leaving me with this frayed mess!
Close Up

It's not as bad from further back...temporarily at least

In a follow up conversation, she explained she meant to lower the curtain rod.....duh!  I should have been blonde, seriously!  We got a good laugh out of it anyway!  Looks like I will be buying new curtains after all.'s not too noticable...or is it?  lol

On a side note, here is my little lizard friend, we met going to get the mail one day :)
His name's Tiger  :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Years Ago Today....

I married my hubby!!!! It doesn't seem so long ago that I was walking across the resort in St. Lucia to marry my best friend!

He is such a wonderful man, I definitely do not deserve him!  But he's stuck with me, lol!  Anywho, I totally got all Pinterested in some of the cool gifts people had done for their loved ones.  Here is the main image that I used for inspiration: kayladanelle.  Anywho, I got down to business and here's the final product!  I love it...except I really wanted to put our heads (cut out of photos) over our hometowns....but since the computer crashed I don't have my pics on here or Adobe available.  So, for now there are stars, but those will be updated!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Coordination...Love it!

I don't know what it is, but this girl has always LOVED organizing according to the ol' ROYGBIV!  I am a sucker for closet organization by this trick!  I know it seems anal and it has nothing to do with finding clothes, I just love the look of a rainbow in my closet, lol!  I am finally getting around to revamping my brad, and flower organization system.  For those of you interested, here is my old system: a painted tool storage thingy-ma-bob.  It worked great for years.  Probably a little too much space though.  The white paint was also wearing off and you could see the red peeking through! 
The little circle guys were labels for my ribbon (still need to organize that, btw)

Anyways, I was ready for an update!  I don't have the shelves yet, but here are the glorious jars full of color!

 Don't you just love it!?  I can't wait to see the scraproom come together!  You may notice that the larger jars with flowers in them don't quite have the whole rainbow...I'm waiting for glassware to go on sale, and Michael's only had five jars, lol.  Anyone else here love this style? How do you organize these supplies?
My pretty paper all rainbow'd up, lol

Monday, June 18, 2012

IKEA update/scraproom progress

     So, on Wednesday we made our fourth trek back to IKEA.  The guys who worked with me were very nice, got me the part I needed replaced, apologized, and made a phone call to see what kind of compensation they could offer.  Truthfully, I was happy that it was recognized as a major inconvenience.  Sometimes, you get those places who think there's no need to even apologize.  The secret person on the other end...maybe he had to call Sweden, lol...they gave me $20 back to my credit card.  To me, I was happy.  Since the grand total for the three items was about 150 or so, it seemed reasonable.  I will definitely go back for more furniture, we are just on a bit of a separation period, lol.  Hubby, who wants the LARGE Expedit for his office told me that, since I'm now an "Expedit expert" I'd be putting his together.....NOT!  lol.
   So now, my scrapbook room is comfortable, not all disheveled!  Yay, I feel better.  Still VERY unorganized....but better.  I'm in the process of purging some items that I just don't use.  I will be giving them to some of my scrappy friends :)  here are some updated photos!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Since I've been slacking....UPDATES!!!

     Other than my IKEA insanity, I have totally been slacking on the blog and updates!  Sorry, it's been a hectic month for many reasons!  First things first, you can see our new floors in all of these posts.  We decided to go with a laminate from Home Depot.  Being from the north, we thought hard woods (bamboo being our choice) were the way to go.  Lo and behold, Florida humidity makes laminates more desirable.  So, we went with the laminate, which would be longer lasting.  Empire today, who was having a 60% off sale, was still priced more than double the cost of our floors.  We went with the cheaper option, from Home Depot.  The amazing installation team from Tile Styles (3rd party contractor of Home Depot), finished our job in one day!!!!  Four Bedrooms!  They were very polite, silly, and we were very pleased with their work.
    Other updates include the guest bathroom.  I apologize for the picture quality, I'm working on it, lol.  

      My newest update, and certainly my favorite so far, is the guest bedroom!   We went with a sofa sleeper from Rooms to Go, in a Slate color.  You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find a grey or black sofa (non-leather), with a sleeper, in Florida!  The color theme in there will be black, white and grey with pops of purple.  
Rug from IKEA-19.99!!!

Our temporary DVD shelf, and IKEA curtains

We are looking for purple pillow covers!
       Well, those are our latest updates.  Our bedroom furniture was not in stock and won't be in until July, but, oooh, I can't wait, lol!  I'll do a big "reveal" online.  Also, I realize our walls are lacking the love.  We want to make sure things are in their permanent home before hanging things.  We're also looking for great wall art too!  Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

My IKEA insanity!

   So, let me just put this out there-I LOVE IKEA!  But, I have to say, our friendship is going to be on standby for a bit!  Why?  Well, it all started with a beautiful scraproom plan.  As seen on Pinterest (just search Expedit), the Expedit storage system has become the go-to, cheap, eye-pleasing storage solution!  They even have  an awesome desk addition!  So, as I began planning for my scraproom, I decided that my desk would be made from Expedit.  Here is what the scraproom looks like. 
Sorry, apparently I didn't take a picture before the following story ensued!
I already had some of those cubes from Target/Michael's for storage, so just a functional desk would be perfect.  I figured if I matched it up with the shorter expedit, it could sit in the middle of the room, I could have friends over and all would be glorious.  So, on my first trip, I came home with half...the four shelf expedit, the desk, unfortunately was out of stock.  A few days later, we made the 40 minute trek back up to IKEA. 

Once we had the desk, I went to hour or so later, I began cursing like a sailor.  Without any warnings on the packaging, words from the sales clerks, etc, I had purchased two items that did not fit together!  Exciting! 
Although, it did look really pretty!!!

So, back to IKEA yesterday for the taller shelf (8 holes) that would destroy my idea of a center island, but would fit with my already assembled desk.  So today, as I began to open the box, I discovered that one of the items in the box was warped, and discolored! 

The box wasn't wet, nor were the liner papers in between...ugh!!!!!!!! Another red flag!  I called IKEA...after a half hour on hold, they tell me I need to bring the piece back to the store!  She was very nice and suggested I ask for compensation since this will be my fourth trip up there!  Oy-oy-oy!