Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yep, that's right!  I have totally been slacking on the blog posting.  Call it busy or call it disgruntled potential home buyer...I can't decide.  Of course I've been busy with the new year, case studies do for a class and, as always, work but, I have a sneaking suspicion part of my lack of blogging has to do with the fact that I have not heard anything really new about "our" house.  We did however have to go sign an "arm's length agreement" a couple of weeks ago...
LOL, this is from a short sale website based out of Detroit
  Basically, this just means we aren't family members, friends or involved in a side business deal with the current owners.  Our realtor has told us this is, again, a good sign and he expects to hear something by the end of next week....we shall see.  We're not trying to get our hopes up, but I have been getting very impatient and I've started feeling like it might not work out....insert sad face. 
   So, tell me your real-estate woes, tell me your happy stories or just a good joke, lol...something to get my mind on other topics.  Did I tell you I joined Pinterest??  Wow, how's that for a few hours lost each day!  But, I will most definitely have many ideas for the potential new house, loL!

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Also...I am so happy to be living in Florida...there's nothing like 80 degrees in January! <3