Monday, August 6, 2012

Gettin' Crafty Wit It

Na na na na na na, so I was channeling my fellow Philly native, Will Smith as I was thinking about this post...he's obviously more talented, lol.  But, I was pretty proud of the craftiness I've been coming up with lately.  Some items are inspired from Pinterest....such as this Welcome sign:

     I made mine by just printing the letters onto white paper, using a Curvy Cutter to cut the circles, the black are from cardstock, and then laminating them.  Once I was finished, I added the purple ribbon.  I really wanted blue, but I have SOOOO MUCH of the purple, just couldn't be wasteful.  Maybe it will eventually get an update, you know, when the purple starts to  Here's the back side so you can see how the ribbon is woven through.

  One of my other recent crafty projects has been card making.  I have made cards for about 4 years now, I think.  I got so addicted to Stampin' Up products when a friend from work started to sell them.  I honestly had no idea I would love it so much.  I was such a scrapbooker!  But, the finished product of a card comes a lot faster!  It also feels really great to be able to sign something I made, from the heart.  Here are some of my recent creations!  Most of the stamps used are by Stampin' Up!
So Happy For You and Sweet Scoops Stamp Sets
     The second one has a mini-message on the says and many more inside of the white tab!

Birthday Whimsy Stamp Set

So, what kind of crafts have you been up to lately?  Leave me a comment, or link to your blog, and let me know!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dollar Tree is WHERE IT'S AT!!!

    Seriously! I so love a good bargain (ask my friends, I'm a cheapie! My husband even teases me b/c I always say, "I got it for cheap!" Who knew that wasn't a normal saying?) I can't believe the amazing deals I have gotten at that place!  I know there are probably others out there, but this "Dollar Store" is legit, none of that 'Dollar Store' mumbo jumbo, then you get inside and your facing 2, 3 and even 5 dollar items.  I know, how dare they!  Anyway, back to my Dollar Tree love!  The other day, I came away having purchased $32 (buckaroos, just cause it rhymes!) worth of stuff.  Here's some of my hoard....I mean that right?

  • One of the first items I photographed happened to be a pain in my rear, lol  These rolls of Kraft gift wrap have so many uses I could think of (wrapping paper, scrapbook pages, modge podge projects, bulletin boards, etc) and therefore couldn't pass them up
Poor image from the Iphone, sowwy!
  •  Next up, this wonky looking thing that leave much to be desired.  I shoulda (coulda, woulda) put some things inside to show you the functionality.  Alas, I always think up great ideas after the whole blogging process has started.  One day I'll get it, I promise!
It's a magnetic pen, marker, bills, etc holder!
  • These little guys are full of functionality (and a little craftiness) all over pinterest!  Also, you could just use them as dry erase boards, lol!  They come with handy, dandy hanging systems (which I may recycle somewhere else!)

  •  Last, we have my 'let's make this one look functional' items.  There are some cutesy, stackable tubs (it took us a few minutes to figure out the handles could be inverted to make them stackable), composition books (journaling, lists, crafty gifts, etc), dry erase markers and posties! (I know they aren't called that, but I prefer them that way)

Could make a cute Back to School Gift, too! 
    Well, that is my Dollar Tree Haul!  There was so much more I could buy, but my pennies are getting a little pinched!  What kinda goodies have you gotten lately?  The one thing I can't seem to find is white frames...for my fun, free kitchen printables...sad faces!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Round Two of the Bestie Train!!!

    Let me begin this by saying that I JUST DELETED THIS ENTIRE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uggghhh!!!  Now, back to our reguarly scheuled blog post.
    Just two days after Nikki and Moni left, I was spoiled with another of my bestest friends, Casey Leigh!  Casey and I have been friends since 4th grade!  She is seriously more like my sister!  We've been through so much together...happiness, sadness, true love, and loves lost!  A real friend is one who can make it through all of that, and still love ya!  lol.  I'm lucky to call her my friend. 
At my Bachelorette Party in AC
   She's been going through a lot of stress lately, so, this little Florida trip was definitely in order!  So, beings as she wanted to relax, what do I put on the agenda?  Disney, of course!  LOL!  We began our trip with Hollywood Studios, then went to Magic Kingdom, and finally back to Hollywood Studios for some yummy Italian cooking ala Mama Melrose's.  Yes, I had it twice....IN ONE WEEK!  That's how good it is!  (Disney, you can thank me later, lol)
  The following day, we did relax poolside and followed it up with a day at the beach!  Hopefully, the break was relaxing or at least distracting enough!  I totally understand though, why she had to return home.  A few times throughout the trip I had the pleasure of joining in on family chat time with her 2, almost 3 year old son, Ryan....Oh-Em-Gee, freaking cutest conversations! Not to mention, her new hubby probably missed her at home (<3)! 
   For whatever reason, we were pretty lax with the photos, as in, we only took two!  These were taken at Downtown Disney the night before she left! 

Goofin it up!
     I seriously don't know what I'm going to do after having so much fun with visitors!  I've been spoiled!  I love living here in Florida, but missing my friends and family stinks!  A trip home is definitely in order soon!