Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Fail....

   So, most people who know me find out at some point that there are just some things I don't know how to do that most people of these things is sewing!  This has normally posed no issue for me, a secretary at my old work used to hem my work pants (5'4" with a bit of junk in the trunk=no petite pants, lol), and all was well.  I also never really needed anything else sewn....correction: I did, but usually didn't sew it.  How many of my old colleagues noticed my pants never had buttons?  lol.  In all honesty, it was like three pair, but i loved them and, therefore wore them alot, sans button, lol.  I know, total fail, but I hope no one noticed.  I did admit it to a crew of crafty ladies one day...they promised a button sewing lesson, but I think I moved too soon, lol!
   Anyways, I'm rambling about my ridiculous-ness.....In my old house, we had pretty tall ceilings and average windows.  In the new house...Dun, dun, dun.....most of the ceilings are 8 foot.  While the windows are still average curtains do not fit.  Many are too long!  No worries there, I just got out my hem tape and hemmed those babies up, like the IKEA ones below ($9.99 is a steal!)

     So la-tee-da!  Unfortunaly, some of the curtains I have are too like 6 inches!  So, after a conversation with a friend, I interpreted (the ditz that I am) that she suggested I take the hem just lower it.  So I did.....leaving me with this frayed mess!
Close Up

It's not as bad from further back...temporarily at least

In a follow up conversation, she explained she meant to lower the curtain rod.....duh!  I should have been blonde, seriously!  We got a good laugh out of it anyway!  Looks like I will be buying new curtains after all.'s not too noticable...or is it?  lol

On a side note, here is my little lizard friend, we met going to get the mail one day :)
His name's Tiger  :)


  1. It's okay, I can't see either! We should really get some friends who know how to sew ;b. Tiger's a cutie :)

  2. That should've said: I can't sew :b

  3. Yes, friends who can sew would be a plus...I don't think Moni can either....