Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today is...January 13th

Hey Ya'll!  I am trying a new little blogging strategy that I snagged from Life in General, a fun blog that talks about, well, Life in General.  It is also the place where I got the best ideas for my 12 Months of Dates gift to hubby for Christmas this year (more on that later).

   Anywho, the goal is to just purge my ideas on what's going on in life today.  Here goes:

Outside my window . . .Actually, I am outside, in the backyard trying to catch some rays!  It's a sunny, beautiful 82 here in Florida!  :)
I am thinking . . .of all the stuff I have to do today: plan for work, get the house in order, iron, and get lunches for the week.  Also, that I am really HAPPY in spite of my to-do list!
I am thankful for . . .my husband.  I can't even imagine having to put up with myself as cooly as he does, lol.  Although I may get annoyed from time to time, he truly is an amazing guy, my best friend, and I'm lucky to have him in my life. 
From the kitchen . . .I had a bagel....I've been slacking on making things in the kitchen this week. That combined with a lack of goodies, I am, with a bagel, lol  Hoping that some grocery shopping will remedy that issue.
I am creating . . . Christmas cards...yep, you read that right!  I made a pack of Christmas cards from a set that was Clearanced in Target.  I didn't have the time/energy to make cards this past year, and really thought I'd be okay with it.  Now, seeing all of the adorable cards, complete with babies, big kids, pets, etc, I know I want my own, hand-made cards around again next year. 
I am going . . .to work hard so that one of these blog entries, I can finally take that trip to Mexico!
I am reading . . .a book by Cathy Lamb, The Last Time I Was Me.  I love her work, it's interesting, funny, and she does a great job at involving you in the book, making you fall for the characters, and helping you feel their joy/hope/love/pain! This particular book takes you on a journey; Alzheimer's, WWII, past abuse, and the loss of parents/loved ones are all woven through.  It's the second time I'm reading it-excellent book!
I am hoping . . .that my very first Thirty-One Open House goes well this Friday!  That's right, I have taken the plunge! I decided to sign up to become a Thirty-One Independent Consultant!  I'm very excited, and ready to get the ball rolling...hey, maybe it could help me pay for that trip to Mexico ;)

I am hearing . . . the sound of the cars driving by.  Since I'm from the city, I hardly notice it, and it can be pretty relaxing.  There is also some country music playing...via Pandora :)
Around the house . . . urggghh, there are a few things to put together/install (Expedit, my kinda enemy, a Lack shelf, decorating, etc)
One of my favorite things . . . My new friend Henry!  I found him at Target!  I didn't buy him the first time I saw his little yarn covered self...but I just had to go back for him!  He hangs around the house, right now, he's on a shelf in the living room.  He's friendly, doens't talk back, takes himself to the bathroom when we aren't looking, and adds a bit of fun to the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .clean, clean, clean...get some yummies ready for Friday, and have and awesome time at the Thirty-One open house!
A picture to share . . .this shows the power of the Florida sun.  The tree has been out back for about a week (yes, I know, shame on us), just waiting to be cut down for yard waste.  In less than 7 days, it looks like this!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Been a While, Eh?

Wowzers have I been slacking! I'd like to explain it away as I've been living the glamorous life, but I'm an awful liar! There's no excuse except that I've been lazy...haha.  I changed positions at my job this year and I happen to be IN LOVE with my new position.  I know not too many people have the opportunity to say that, so I am incredibly appreciative. I'm going to try hard to get back on track with my blogging because I think it helps me stay connected with friends while also serving as a diary-slash-motivator.
   Anywho, I got to spend about a week or so back in PA/DE, my homeland, visiting friends and family.  What an amazing time!  Although it was COLD, Steve and I really enjoyed ourselves.  We had fun seeing everyone, catching up and getting to meet many of the precious babies who were born while we were away.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip.
Some of my old co-workers and I at Friday's for lunch.

Hubby and I on New Year's Eve.  I LOVE this picture!

Two of my best girlfriends, Moni and Nikki.

A real Hoagie...I am so ridiculous about the difference, lol.
Alrighty, now I'm back to business, I hope.  I've also warmed back up {mostly} after the downright COLD of back home.