Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Weekend!!

   Over the past weekend, my hubby and I flew home (Thursday) for my best friend Casey's wedding.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  My friend and her hubby were the happiest people around!  And they looked amazing!  The hall and church were so beautiful with exposed beams.   I wish the weekend/wedding didn't end so quickly! It was so nice to see friends and her family (who are practically my own)! We had a wonderful time, but before we knew it, it was back to Florida Sunday afternoon for work on Monday!  I miss my friends already!  I also wish I had time to spend with family!  What a whirlwind! 
   This week is going to be crazy as well since we will be CLOSING on our house this Thursday!  I plan on posting some pics of the exterior of the house as soon as possible!  YAY!  What a great week!!!  How was your weekend????
<3 Amanda

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paint Party!

     Now that we know we are going to have a home (much sooner than we last thought!) We have finally started to really think about paint colors.  Right now the master bedroom is lavender walls with a wallpaper border and magenta (ish) carpets (not our style).  We are hoping to get bamboo flooring and we are currently thinking a soft grey for the walls.  The rooms colors are going to be very spa-like (white, grey, blue, khaki).  Do you have a favorite shade? Brand?  I was very overwhelmed at all the "Shades of Grey" at Lowe's yesterday!  lol. I spelling grey correctly?  I always get confused about the  e or the a.....tee heee!!!!

   I will definitely be posting some before and afters once we have the house! (plus fun ones of us with the keys and being dorks!)  I just don't feel right posting the ones we have of the current owner's stuff.  They are a very nice couple (so we've been told) and I feel bad for the situation they are in. 

Friday, April 20, 2012


That's right!  We finally have it!  I want to shout it from the rooftops!  I've heard so many horror stories of going past the date, and since we've waited so long, it all seems so surreal!  I can't believe we are going to be homeowners!!!!  How wonderful will that be!?  Yippeeeeeee!!!  As of May 3rd, Steve and I will have our home. We are going to overlap our apartment and the house for a month just to try to get things in order (ie painting!) before we have to move things around!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

While we're waiting.....

Since this blog is all about dreams...I also have huge travel dreams.  So much so that my husband told me we'll never get to go all the places on my list, lol.  It's not even that long!  Anyways, I figured I'd order of when I'd like to do them
  • Hawaii (no explanation necessary)
  • Mexico (see previous blog entry here)
  • Arizona (Navajo Falls-do yourself a favor and check it out, beautiful!)
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Italy/Greece (big time savings!)
  • Egypt /safari elsewhere in Africa
  •  Australia
  • Paris (newly added today!)
See, it's only a little list, right?  ha ha!  Some are, of course, easier to obtain than others.  But, if I know about them, I'm more likely to save for them, right????  Oh, he just needs to sell a script, or two!  ha ha!  What travel destinations are on your bucket list?  Have you been to any of these locations? 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Close by May 4th...Wait, WHAT?????

Wowzers!  While we are still pretty unsure of how much faith to put into the latest news we have, we can't help but be just a little excited....okay, a lot!  lol.

We received an email saying that the short sale negotiator (aka the seller's realtor) received written approval on the lower appraisal amount!  Now, we are just waiting on all of the official loan info on our end to go through (for the new, lower amount)!  This could be as early as next week!!!!! WHAT!!!!  you heard it right.  Since we've seen so many ups and downs, we are hesitant to get tooooo excited yet.  The good news is that, we are going to have this house!  the question is when....will it be June like we thought just last week, or could it be April?  I guess we will find out soon...or will it be later?  ha ha!  Either way, we are feeling good!!!!