Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reality Check!

    Well, the high of owning our own home lasted a good while, but alas, the reality of being a homeowner has smacked us in the face (twice)!  To begin with, one of the largest items on our to do list, the flooring in the four bedrooms, seemed to be costing us a bit more than we budgeted for.  Fortunately, after speaking with some people at work (thank you kind, smart people), I realized that we were jumping into a price that was insane.  While we knew it was high, we never had anything to compare it to.  Since that was settled, we felt a lot of relief!
   Dun, Dun Dun....after enjoying a day at Disney, Steve and I went to the new house to do some painting....we walked 86 degree heat.  Now, for Florida, that doesn't seem high, but it was in the 70's outside.
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   Yep, you got it, the AC is not working properly.  Now, we have to wait until Monday to see about a repairman to come out.  A very nice friend came over and, after speaking with her brother, an AC repairmen, told us that it may be the compressor motor.  We are hoping, praying, that the fix is cheap.  Our pockets have not had time to recover from the money put down on our house.
   While we sweat it out, literally and figuratively, how many of you have dealt with similar scenarios?  Any advice? 

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  1. It stinks that you're having problems in the beginning. It's never ending with a home, but it would've been nice if you could've settled in a bit before having to deal with this! Fingers crossed for an easy, cheap fix!!