Monday, February 27, 2012

White Furniture?

So, for whatever reason, I have been really drawn to white rooms lately.  Lol, no, not the kind they lock you up in and give you meds a few times a day.  I am loving all of these rooms on Pinterest that have a "white" theme with bursts of color.  I love me some color, but I've been drawn to these rooms.  Hubby says that we can't have white though because (excuse #1)- it will show fingerprints (valid) and (excuse 2)-it looks too beachy.  I told him we could keep the theme more our style but, I'm losing, lol. Here are some samples of what I'm talking about!
A bit blurry...originally from Design Chic

I can't find the original pin on this all the white!

Also, I think part of my problem is that I'd really like a very light wood in the bedroom and can't seem to find it right now.  I just want really calm, serene rooms.  How many of you guys have "white" kind of rooms?  Any suggestions?  Hate it?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Many many Dreams going on right now!

     So I guess you could say that I've been slacking.  I'm pretty good at procrastinating if I do say so myself.  I know I've done a few posts here and there, but they've been pretty much me whining, let's admit it, lol.  So, I figured it was time to finally sit down and write down some of my immediate life goals.

  1. Start a home:  Most obviously, as anyone reading my blog could tell you, I want to have a home.  Of course, we know I already have chosen which home I want.  (Backstory here:here, and here, and here!)  So, in regards to this dream, the latest we have: we signed another addendum saying we agreed to close within 60 days of them(finally) agreeing to the deal.  We do think they are going to agree, but, we are worried the house is going to appraise for less than our offer and then our loan won't go through.  This could go two ways: they tell us they will accept the lower amount since that is all if appraised for OR they tell us they won't accept more and we lose the house.  Hopefully we will know soon...either way...
  2. Be a Happier person: Don't get me wrong, I think I'm pretty happy, but there are some things in my life that need to change.  For one, I worry too much about what other people think.  I'm a people pleaser and sometimes I find myself putting myself, who I am, on the line just to make other people happy.  I also over-explain myself to try to make someone see why I did what I did.  I really need to shrug things off because I let it get to me too much. Also, I think I need to start doing more to make myself happy instead of waiting around for it. 
  3. Get Healthy: I am the first person to tell you I simply can't diet.  I don't think I need to lose a ton of weight, a few pounds for sure and I'd love to tone up a bit.  I think it will help me with goals #2 as well.  I've also had a couple of blood pressure scares in the past couple of years (stress related I think).  With my Dad's history of heart disease and even my mom's history of diabetes, I need to get healthy either way.  
  4. Keep in Better Contact with Friends/Family: I've kinda been slacking a bit with responding to emails and calling friends from home.  I have seriously been in a funk (see #2). I got to see my friends over last weekend for my "sister"- friend's bridal shower and realized just how much I miss them and how wonderful they are.  Even across the miles, I need to get better at calling and responding.  Good friends are too hard to find.  
I'm sure there are more things I want to work on....yea, there definitely are!  ha ha, but for now, this is my list.  A smaller list if easier to work on, and these are some pretty lofty goals!  we'll see how they go, I'd be happy with progress.  Do any of you have goals you are working on (I'm sure you do!)?  How are they going?  Anyone else a people pleaser?  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So I s'pose I'm Acclimated...and more House news!

     Boy oh boy is it cold today!  Although it's going up to 52 today, it was in the thirties overnight!  I was f-f-f-freezing!  I didn't like it one bit!  Of course, the electric was out when I woke up, too!  Oh how much I want to move...(more on that in a bit).  People kept telling me, "Oh you'll be wearing short sleeves when we're all in coats!"  Yeah right!  I may have northern blood and moved down less than a year ago but, I think my heart has always been southern!

     The cold and I just don't get along!  It makes me sad, makes me want to stay in bed and hibernate!  I know some people love it, the snow, the hot chocolate, the fires, etc.  Me, I like the snow for about five minutes, then it gets all slushy and in my shoes and I'm over it!  I'm hoping I don't see any of it on my (too quick) trip home for my best friend's bridal shower!  I'm so excited and I don't want the snow to put a damper on things!  
   Anywho....the latest house news: They asked us for an additional $6, 000 (They being the lender holding the mortgage).  We agreed...our realtor doesn't think it will appraise for that but, either way, the house is worth it to us.  They also asked the sellers for a $10, 000 promissory note...hello!  They don't have the money!  They are trying to get OUT of debt!  I realize why they want the money...but, I'm just a tad ticked b/c the whole deal could go up in flames b/c of this minor detail!  WE MIGHT NOT GET THE HOUSE!  I'm hoping the fact that we agreed to the higher amount will satisfy the lender.  We don't expect to hear much more for another week or so...the realtor said at least ten days this past Monday. be continued!