Friday, July 6, 2012

Moving into the guest room!

  No, Steve and I didn't have a fight....we are both just so jealous that the guest room has seen so much transformation!  It looks sooooo awesome!  Well, to us anyways, lol!  What do you think????  Let's take a little tour through history before I show you:
  When we moved in, here is what the guest room looked like (Apparently I don't have any photos of the guest room empty on this computer, but check back for updates, they're around here somewhere!).
Pineapples and palm trees abound!  While I love both, they just weren't really our style!  Green walls, and beige carpets had to go, too!  You can read about those here-flooring and whatnot :)
   Next, we got our sleeper sofa from Rooms to Go.  It's made by Cindy Crawford Home, great quality!  We also added a rug that used to reside in our Master (right now the floor is still bare in there ): And then I hemmed up some curtains from IKEA (they turned out much better than the ones in the kitchen

But now, the whole reason for this guest room love fest............we have a gorgeous dresser!  Seriously, it really classes things up!  I feel like I'm entering a hotel!  I also added a few odds and ends, also picked up at IKEA (I swear we have an IKEA house!)  Check out this gorgeosity!

Ignore the smudge on the mirror...apparently my Windex skills are subpar!

My attempt at an artsy shot

We are~for real~ in love with this room!  ha ha! 

Currently we are working on:
  • Removing wire shelving from laundry room; paint; replace with cupboards ($$)
  • Paint master bathroom; remove builder towel bar/fill/sand/repaint; hang ledge 
  • continue making/purchasing art/locating decor for house
What are you working on?   Anyone ever removed those builder towel bars/toilet paper holders.  Word has it they are glued down and leave a nasty gash!

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