Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today I'm Dreaming of....Mexico!

   Well today's post is a bit off the beaten path as that most of my blog will be dedicated to the fun world of home shopping/buying for the next few months.  There are just some of those dreams that I just can't keep out of my head even though the bank account is screaming, "Don't touch me, it will NOT be pretty!"  But wouldn't it be so nice to have one of these in your backyard?
      Anyhow, back to my current dream....a Mexican vacation!  I am a travel bug at heart.  This past year we weren't able to take a "vacation" since we used our time to move down here to Florida.  Luckily, Florida is packed with all types of wonderful day trips we've enjoyed.  The beauty of the Gulf is like none other.  There was not a single beach near our home outside of Philadelphia that could boast water or beaches as gorgeous as Clearwater, Florida:
Seriously?  Why did I wait so long to move????

     So, as I was sitting here looking at photos on Facebook, I came across a colleague's Mexican vacation....and the drooling began.  The only time I've ever been out of the country has been for our wedding in St. Lucia
 We definitely want to make use of our passport especially before we have little ones running around (?   :O   ?????...maybe one day, lol).  So I contacted a friend who is like a Mexico travel agent and has been numerous times herself and began my dream to reality plan.  So, it may not happen this year (best friends wedding back in PA PLUS hopefully buying a home) but, I can have my plans all ready for whenever we're ready to spend those extra dolares (yes, I spelled that in Spanish, lol)  Have any of you been on a beautiful Mexican vacation?  Any no-no places to keep off  my list?  I'd love to hear from you!  Where are you dreaming of visiting?


  1. Hi Amanda, welcome to the blogging world! Feel free to link up my blog to your list if you'd like. That was sweet of you to ask. :)
    I happened to have grown up in Clearwater. They do have gorgeous beaches. It's so much more crowded there then when I was young. My mom and sister still live in the area.
    Good luck with buying your house. It's very exciting!
    Have a Happy Holiday!

  2. Hey Anita! Thanks so much! I wasn't sure if it was necessary to ask or not, haha! I love visiting the Gulf, I'm sure there are a ton of beautiful beaches and I can't wait to visit them! I'm a beach girl at heart, we almost moved to Charlotte, NC which would have put us 4 hours form the beach. I'm much happier with the Florida decision!

    Thanks for writing me back :)

    Happy Holidays to you too!!!!