Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Want a House...I want a House! I want a HOUSE!

Kick, scream, yell, cry, wah, wah, wah!  Okay, temper tantrum over...but, seriously....I really do want a house!  I actually thought that maybe my husband had heard back from our realtor, saying that we got the house (I know TOTALLY wishful thinking) and was waiting for Christmas to tell me...nope, not yet. :(
     We did hear back from him a couple of days ago and, the current owners lien company is looking over the offer.  While they say it could be about two weeks for them to decide, we aren't getting our hopes up.  We actually don't know very much about this...we didn't even know that there was a lien.  (yes, I had to look up what it meant: What is a Lien?) So, I guess this is our first hurdle in the process.
We're hoping to take it in stride...
  Any real estate gurus out there or just anyone who has been through a similar process?  Does every home have a lien or is that additional?  Does a lien equate to a second mortgage?  are they the same thing?  Depending on your answers, I might give the realtor a call but, I don't want to risk looking like a total goof if it's not necessary, lol.  (I generally don't mind though ;)
   This whole hurdle thing has got me so nervous now about the house...our house....or not?  So, all of the decorating I've been doing in my mind is watering at the edges just waiting to be washed away.  I'm scared.  I know we can find another house but that will take us closer to the end of our lease on this rental...which we are so over...I can't believe I didn't mention this yet! we might have mildew or mold in our freezer!
   So, hopefully you aren't thinking that's disgusting (on our part).  The freezer is clean, but, as I mentioned in  my very first post, the people who "remodeled" our villa apartment, did a very low-class job.  It looks great but then you seen the chocolate cabinets are just a 'crappy' paint job, the blinds are not fitted properly and fall on you when you try to open them, you can't use one of the toilets...yeah, not good.
     Anyways, we had been getting this "dust" coming from the doohickey that holds the frozen stuff in the freezer door since we moved in.  We just figured it was the filler from inside (no, we are not contractors and don't pretend to know what we are doing, lol).  Reason being, there was obvious caulking along the bottom of the same arm guy, so it seemed like another "quick fix," we just figured we'd deal.  So, I periodically cleaned up the dust with a Clorox wipe  and we went on about our business.
    The other day though, I saw a LOT of dust in the freezer and was complaining to my hubs (who happens to be 6'4") as we were putting groceries away.  i was trying to tape (yes with scotch, lol) the whole closed since we didn't have caulk.  I started to complain that it was getting worse (insert>wah I want a house!).  He looked at me over the door and realized it was actually MOLD!  Seriously!  Us short people don't even know half the dangers lurking that we just can't see!  It was an odd angle (over the door of the freezer), in my defense!
   Anyways, called the leasing manager immediately, no answer.  Wrote an email and sent her a text (her preferred forms of communication).  Got a call back but, she was supposed to contact the contractor and we've since heard anything....two days ago.  MOLD...should I be concerned?  

   Leave me thoughts on MOLD, short sales, liens, alien encounters, I'll take em' all!

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