Saturday, July 7, 2012


   July is going to be one busy rammer jammer (or is it ramma jamma, I researched and could not find a conclusive answer, so, here we are, lol)!  I am so excited!  This weekend, hubby's parents and our nephew will be coming down to spend the week with us!   The following weekend, one of my besties will be joining me (who I will no doubt spend many hours giggling, getting lost, gossiping, and talking with), then, the last week of July will bring my sister friend-my best friend since like fifth grade-love this girl!  I am so excited for this month!!!
     This past week we have been working on guest room updates, painting purple people eating bathrooms (photos will be in an upcoming blog!), and beginning to class up the laundry room...we've been in "crap -people are going to see the stuff we've been putting off because there's no rush" mode.  Ha ha, no big deal, but of course, since I had to commit us to starting these they have to be finished.  Sometimes I just go overboard, lol!  Anyways, we're still very excited about our visitors, and appreciate my {unnecessary} need to get things all prettified because I put a fire under our butts!  Mind you, there's still plenty of areas left wanting!  But, we'll get to those things in good say when money is flowing a little easier!  lol
    So,  How do you handle visitors?  Are you like me and try to pretty things up?  Do you let it all hang out (I reserve this for my closest friends, lol)!

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