Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching Up: Family Visitors & DIY

   Hey Hey Hey!  So, it's been a week or so since I've last blogged (I totally typed blooged and laughed out loud)-time for a few updates!  I didn't realize how busy we were going to be over the last week, whew! I'm worn out!  We did four days of Disney, a day at Melbourne Beach (FL), and had a grand time!  Here are some photos of the beach and a rainy day at MK!

     Also exciting, our bedroom furniture that we ordered from Rooms-to-Go finally arrived.  We knew it wouldn't be in until this late, it wasn't poor delivery service.  We were pretty happy with the results!  I am so excited to have the bedroom set, I feel like such a big girl!!!!!  ha ha, We still need major decorations going on like lamps, a area rug, art, art, art, lol. But those things will come!
I'm so in love with the bedroom!

Two very similar photos, one major difference...can you spot it, lol!

   Now, the only real work we've gotten done (aside from painting most of the master bath, has been these DIY fabric covered cork boards.  And by we, I mean me, lol.  Hubby isn't all about the crafty fun that I am.  The main reason I wanted to cover them was b/c the darned cork board that I bought (being the cheap frugal shopper that I am), kept flaking off, ALL OVER everything. I googled strategies for getting the fabric onto the cork and settled upon spray adhesive.  I bought a few "Fabric Quarters" from Joann's (I so wish there was a JoAnn's closer, b/c I love them so much!) and got down to business.  Here's my supplies:

     I decided to spray the glue on in the garage.  There was a time I used it for scrapbooking and I knew how tacky it could make everything.  So, I got a big piece of cardboard and went to town.  For me, instead of measuring and cutting and stapling, as suggested on many blogs, I went the lazy less difficult route~I just wrapped the edges like a present and glued onto the back.  I did this b/c, well, I am lazy, and I didn't want any of the darn brown stuff flaking from the back either, lol.  Here's my final product, what do you think?  I haven't hung them yet b/c I keep worrying I'm going to want to move them.  I am so indecisive!
Explanation for "Hey Ya'll" note: I had this song stuck in my head ;)

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