Sunday, February 12, 2012

So I s'pose I'm Acclimated...and more House news!

     Boy oh boy is it cold today!  Although it's going up to 52 today, it was in the thirties overnight!  I was f-f-f-freezing!  I didn't like it one bit!  Of course, the electric was out when I woke up, too!  Oh how much I want to move...(more on that in a bit).  People kept telling me, "Oh you'll be wearing short sleeves when we're all in coats!"  Yeah right!  I may have northern blood and moved down less than a year ago but, I think my heart has always been southern!

     The cold and I just don't get along!  It makes me sad, makes me want to stay in bed and hibernate!  I know some people love it, the snow, the hot chocolate, the fires, etc.  Me, I like the snow for about five minutes, then it gets all slushy and in my shoes and I'm over it!  I'm hoping I don't see any of it on my (too quick) trip home for my best friend's bridal shower!  I'm so excited and I don't want the snow to put a damper on things!  
   Anywho....the latest house news: They asked us for an additional $6, 000 (They being the lender holding the mortgage).  We agreed...our realtor doesn't think it will appraise for that but, either way, the house is worth it to us.  They also asked the sellers for a $10, 000 promissory note...hello!  They don't have the money!  They are trying to get OUT of debt!  I realize why they want the money...but, I'm just a tad ticked b/c the whole deal could go up in flames b/c of this minor detail!  WE MIGHT NOT GET THE HOUSE!  I'm hoping the fact that we agreed to the higher amount will satisfy the lender.  We don't expect to hear much more for another week or so...the realtor said at least ten days this past Monday. be continued!

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