Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wallpaper Border: 2, Amanda: 0

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I HATE wallpaper borders.  Not the looks (though they aren't my style), but man, have you ever tried to remove those suckers?!  At Home Depot, the paint man Tim, responded with, "That's unfortunate," when I asked how to remove them.  He told me to get DIF, a paper scorer, and a paper scraper.
     A little while later we were on our way.  We got to our new home, Friday night to discover that the electricity, and water were turned off.  A night off, we figured, and we'd get it turned on the next day....NOPE...apparently the utility commission doesn't even have a phone service on the weekends, let alone can they start service!  UGH!  So, Steve and I meandered over thinking we'd get a bunch done in the day time.
   Thankfully the back bedroom wallpaper was adhesive backed and very easy to remove.  So we painted that room.  PURRRTTTY!!!!  This room is gonna be my craft room.  The color is Sunken Pool by Martha Stewart (love that broad!)

    Then the trouble started...I decided to try to de-wallpaper the master bathroom.  Why I chose a room with no windows to work in on a seriously hot day with no AC or water to drink, I have no idea.  Anywho...I learned a few things.  When removing wallpaper:
  • keep things well ventilated
  • pull the top layer off before applying DIF.  This is the colorful layer (with pineapples, or flowers, or continents in our case), See Photo below.
  • You can see the top layer vs the paper layer pretty well in this photo
  • after, spray DIF heavily on the paper.
  • use a paper scraper to remove paper
  • YOU DON'T need to score the paper, at least in our experience, it only hindered things.
This is only one third of the border!!!
So, I learned these tricks because I spent five hours Saturday night throwing EVERYTHING up out of my stomach, and had only removed about five feet of border.Partially my fault for the dehydration, but I should have gotten way more completed for all my hard work! SOOOO, not worth it.  We discovered the tricks throughout the next day.  

Anyone else have a similar experience (I hope not!!!)

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