Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dollar Tree is WHERE IT'S AT!!!

    Seriously! I so love a good bargain (ask my friends, I'm a cheapie! My husband even teases me b/c I always say, "I got it for cheap!" Who knew that wasn't a normal saying?) I can't believe the amazing deals I have gotten at that place!  I know there are probably others out there, but this "Dollar Store" is legit, none of that 'Dollar Store' mumbo jumbo, then you get inside and your facing 2, 3 and even 5 dollar items.  I know, how dare they!  Anyway, back to my Dollar Tree love!  The other day, I came away having purchased $32 (buckaroos, just cause it rhymes!) worth of stuff.  Here's some of my hoard....I mean that right?

  • One of the first items I photographed happened to be a pain in my rear, lol  These rolls of Kraft gift wrap have so many uses I could think of (wrapping paper, scrapbook pages, modge podge projects, bulletin boards, etc) and therefore couldn't pass them up
Poor image from the Iphone, sowwy!
  •  Next up, this wonky looking thing that leave much to be desired.  I shoulda (coulda, woulda) put some things inside to show you the functionality.  Alas, I always think up great ideas after the whole blogging process has started.  One day I'll get it, I promise!
It's a magnetic pen, marker, bills, etc holder!
  • These little guys are full of functionality (and a little craftiness) all over pinterest!  Also, you could just use them as dry erase boards, lol!  They come with handy, dandy hanging systems (which I may recycle somewhere else!)

  •  Last, we have my 'let's make this one look functional' items.  There are some cutesy, stackable tubs (it took us a few minutes to figure out the handles could be inverted to make them stackable), composition books (journaling, lists, crafty gifts, etc), dry erase markers and posties! (I know they aren't called that, but I prefer them that way)

Could make a cute Back to School Gift, too! 
    Well, that is my Dollar Tree Haul!  There was so much more I could buy, but my pennies are getting a little pinched!  What kinda goodies have you gotten lately?  The one thing I can't seem to find is white frames...for my fun, free kitchen printables...sad faces!

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